Donna Ewing

Before I get started on my next lesson, I wanted to ask you if I’m keeping my searches too short, too easy, not enough challenge, or ??? I seem to have them all under a minute with up to 5 searches. Just wondering if I’m doing the lessons correctly.

Bryce – Lesson 3c – Containers Corners and Edges – just let me say, BRYCE LOVES HIS BOXES!!! It was quite warm – 89 degrees during this search. I’m now trying to hold him a little at the start line – giving him an opportunity to maybe calm a little and hopefully catch odor.

Search 1 – Corner – Hide is in the right threshold corner. Bryce starts left (so different from my other dog who almost always starts right!). But then he heads across the front boxes to the right corner hide.

Search 2 – Corner – Hide is in the far right corner. This time Bryce starts in the middle. He doesn’t seem to have a start line pattern of boxes (as you will especially see in the last edge hide!). Then he heads left. I almost thought he was going to alert on the box next to source, but I kept moving so I think that’s why he kept moving. He then went to the corner hide.

Search 3 – Corner – Hide is in the left threshold corner. Once again he headed to the middle threshold box and really checked it out. Maybe there was a breeze taking the odor that way?? But then he headed left to the corner source.

Search 4 – Edge – Hide is in the third left edge box. He seemed to alert on the corner box (sorry but the odor had been in that location earlier – so maybe lingering odor or memory). What I’m learning with Bryce and boxes is if I keep moving and he moves on then that’s not odor. He’s pretty confident with boxes! When he finds odor, he sticks it.

Search 5 – Edge – This one made me laugh! Hide is in the second right edge box. He ignored everything and headed right to it. I made sure he didn’t see where the source was – my husband placed it while we were out of sight. I think the holding him at the start line allowed him to catch the odor. At least I hope so! (Smiley face)

Boxes are fun for him so they are fun for me, too!