Terry Wright and Kai

    Corners and Edges
    30º cloudy very slight breeze from the south

    1st – the inside corner hide. If the slight breeze was doing anything at this point it was pushing the odor into that corner (left to right). I should have taken his nice alert at .13, but at the time was thinking he should be able to get closer to the hide, it was level with the bottom of the door right in the corner where the two sides of the building come together… inside corner, right?

    2nd – the outside corner hide. If any breeze it would have come along the front of the building, might have rounded the corner but not sure. I thought it had to be right on the corner, but after watching one of the videos theirs was located to the side of the outside corner (where the sides meet). So that is where I places the hide.

    3rd and 4th – Edges –
    3rd hide the breeze if any would have been pushing against the hide wall so odor could have been spread left, right, above and below hide. On the 4th hide, it would have been coming along the wall towards us.

    On the edges I’m not 100% sure we did them correctly, so if you wish I’ll try to redo them. And I’m thinking that he *saw* them both 🙂 LOL

    Terry Wright