Donna Ewing

Lesson 3b – Interior Corners and Edges

Well I may created a monster. Bryce gets so over stimulated now when I get out his harness that now he is kind of out of control at the start line – panting heavily. Somewhere I need to find the happy medium. I did a little work afterwards waiting until he closed his mouth to start and he actually did better. So I really need to keep working the start line to figure out what works best.

First hide – inside corner near a long wall – Bryce has to check out ‘things’ – electrical outlets, window sills – but he gets back on track and searches to the corner.

Second hide – outside corner near a long wall – this was a hallway so the odor might have been bouncing off the opposite wall (although I’m not sure Bryce is advanced enough for that to have mattered – he might have just been checking out all of the surfaces). Once again he checks out the electrical outlet. Hmmm.

Third hide – outside edge along the wall near inside corner – this happens to be in a room where we do searches so he is used again to searching ‘things’ (like the bed, chest, door, etc.). So he doesn’t actually follow the wall/edge but heads to the odor opposite the bed. Could the odor have been swirling in that corner possibly?

Fourth hide – outside edge along the wall near outside corner – I see the same trend in this search as the last search – he searches ‘things’ and heads to odor after he checks out a column (out of video range) opposite the hide. So again he doesn’t follow the wall all the way to source.

So, do you think he is catching bouncing odor or is he just not really searching walls/edges? My eye is just not experienced enough to really tell.