Kimberly Buchanan

Ok, a couple of things are happening;

Molly seems to become a happy searcher! So the prep you are doing at the start: “Are you ready?? Molly, are you ready?? Find it!” is creating a bit too much of a desire for Molly to race into the search and blow by the threshold. We see this consistently for all of the searches. In the first search you also start her way far back before the threshold. She needs to be up much closer to the start line to assess the environment, hopefully catch odor and go directly to the hide.

The other thing is that you let her range out quite far by paying out the line into the room. I hadn’t given you specific instruction with the lesson but I will suggest that you not rev her up and not let Molly range further than 4-5 feet for the next few searches. I think she’s got the game and wants to find odor, she’s just not engaging her nose until she has passed the area.

I’m not sure I would consider the last search a threshold hide. Yes, it’s within the limits of 6 feet but it’s a tiny space. I will suggest that you place some hides within 6-24″ of the entry into a space for Molly to see if she will begin working BEFORE she enters the space.

Rather than have you work the other elements, I think it would be good to rework the interior first to see if you can get Molly to immediately go to a hide super close to the start. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training