Gina Baker

NW525: Lesson 3 Corners

3:00 PM
56 degrees
partially sunny
light winds

These are not he best search setups. I was limited as to where I could get video due to forgetting my tripod and having to put the video camera on the hood of my car!

1st search – should be outside edge to corner – she did well but blow off the corner all together. The placement of the hide should have been closer to the corner. I would have liked to see her get back into the corner to follow the source
2 search – should be outside corner to edge, but again my placement was off and should have been more in the center

Decided to go to our “old stand by place” to see if we would have better luck – was able to position the car a better

3rd search – should be edge to inside corner
4th search – should be edge to outside corner

OH MY – I think I got really confused! Let me know what your think and if you need me to redo a couple!