Terry Wright and Kai

    Vehicle Threshold – Keeping it quick and simple!
    30º – Sunny – 1 mph from the south, we are on the north side of the house in the shade.

    1st search – snowblower, to the right, under the snowplow scoop. He was really interested in the scoop area. I looked but couldn’t see where odor would be escaping unless it was thru the bolts that went up from bottom to top of the inside scoop, there were several.
    He did catch the odor at .31 seconds and works down to the source at .36.

    2nd search – car, back license plate, at the bottom middle.

    3rd search – truck, the crack where the cab meets the bed of the truck at the bottom to the right. I hope I handled this one the way you expressed after the other hide when he wanted to *go*. In this one he went before I asked him to *find it* arm swish. And I let him. I probably should have been mindful of my leash.

    Terry Wright