Kimberly Buchanan

Good job! 🙂

A couple of things that might also be useful;

When you open a door into a space, give a few more seconds for the odor to settle before releasing your dog. That door opening/closing stirs up a lot of air and can make it difficult for the dog to find a close hide. I think you can hesitate just a tad longer. Overall, good tho’!

The other thing is about the “start” – Look at your posture and what you say at (:31) and (:47). “Ready?” It looks like you’re ready to race and as soon as you release Hunter she shoots off like a rocket. YES, he’s working from the start but it would be really easy for him to miss something at the beginning of a search area simply because he’s rushing into the space. Motivationally it’s great! But for working a threshold it could cause him to miss a hide. So IF he ends up with a problem blowing by hides – even if in just one element – look at how you’re starting the search. Just something to think about! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training