Terry Wright and Kai

    Again keeping it simple and fast 🙂

    Container Threshold Hides
    Hides cooked for about 40-45 minutes.
    Jim is holding the IPhone horizontal for all three search areas.

    First area is the living room with boxes, plastic and cardboard.
    The little hard plastic box has the anise hide and was about 3 feet from the start line.
    We get to the start line and Taku looks at me then at his Dad and then I think he is looking right at the hide. After I release him, he makes a circle around the hide then goes to it at .19 seconds. I get in fast to reward him. Not sure why I didn’t have more treats in my hand, I usually have more than one when practicing.

    Second area is the hallway with misc. items. The birch hide is in the hard plastic glass on the right of the start line. Again it looks like he is looking right at it at .39 seconds. He first hits the corner/egged of that bump out, checks out the hides starts to walk away and does a head snap .41 seconds. I rush in to reward him.

    Third area is the garage using luggage and different kinds of bags.
    The combo hide (Birch/Anise) is in the black suitcase in the front middle, 3 feet from start line, in the top zippered compartment, compartment is open and held open with a small jar, odor is in a big round tin. He goes and starts checking the further away bags. I stepped into the area, so if he wanted he could search the other bags, but I think there was some tense on the leash at about 1:30 which turned him back around and he goes to the odor bag. I was a little slower on rewarding on this one.

    Response to your comments:
    About experimenting on not stopping if he wants to keep going passed the start line without stopping… I will keep this in my mind. I hadn’t given much thought to it except the search the other day, most of the time we do stop at the start line.

    I will also try to not use my arm swish unless I need to get him back into the search. Sometimes I have a hard time knowing if he is searching or just looking around/fooling around 😉

    “When you have a bit of tension on his harness to hold him back, just release the tension and let him move forward.” I will play with this also.

    I hope to get to vehicles tomorrow.

    Terry Wright