Kimberly Buchanan

Aha! I think I’ve just discovered something that might help you and Prim! I noticed, especially in these Exterior search videos that you start Prim VERY far behind the start line. I wanted to compare to your Interior searches and you often do this on Interior, as well. It is true that a dog should be detecting odor well before the start line but when you have a doorway that the dog needs to go thru, the closer the dog is, the better they can assess the search area, often determining from which direction the odor is coming. By starting far back you take that advantage away from Prim and she doesn’t quite assess things until she’s into the search area. (Some people even take a few seconds of time with their dog’s head OVER the threshold. I’m not suggesting this but it is something to think about.)

The first couple of searches did not end up to be threshold searches for Prim for this very reason.

The good news is that Prim began to *understand* that the hides were closer to the beginning of the search (I think) and in Search #3 she checks out the door opening. I think it also helped that that hide was slightly elevated so for her, it was drifting thru the door at her nose height. In Search #4 she catches odor as soon as she steps thru the door and works it to the rocks. In Search #5 it’s out in the open so no doorway to go thru.

So, I would suggest you practice more with doorway thresholds and getting her closer to the search area before you release her. Work hides all around that doorway for Interior and Exterior to see if that helps her to solve the problems. If she really does have an issue with low hides, at least it will help her to understand it’s important to check out those low areas. (No need to post the videos, but I’d be interested to hear how that works for you!) 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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