Kimberly Buchanan

    Wow! Five “searches” in 55 seconds! Now that’s motivational! 🙂

    So the question about rewarding before Bryce gives the “alert” is sort of a $64,000 question. 😉 In brief, MUCH depends on the dog…

    Is the dog lackluster in searching? If the answer is yes, then the dog needs a boost in motivation and often that can be done by paying faster (along with more simple searches).

    Is the dog lagging in communication? If the answer is yes then paying faster will build the dog’s expectation that payment is coming. Source=Fast payment. AFTER that expectation is built the SLIGHT delay in payment usually results in the dog communicating to the handler and asking WHY they are not being paid faster.

    Is the dog offering other behaviors at the odor, like biting the hide or pawing? If the answer is yes, then payment is likely coming too slowly and the dog is showing frustration. By paying faster you can develop the dog’s expectation as per the above explanation.

    SO, as you evaluate what is happening and WHY, it often boils down to your reward process and timing. It’s not 100% but I have seen many good things happen simply by having the reward show up faster. And for those who can’t get there in time, pairing helps in this process. 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
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