Donna Ewing

    Lesson 2 – Vehicle Thresholds

    I worked on holding Bryce a little before letting him go – working on allowing him to get in odor before starting. Most of these were filmed on the first day so I was still feeding out of my pocket (slowly!).

    First hide – I don’t know why he went ‘up’ in the beginning but I do like that he will try and go up. The wind was in our faces so he should have been catching odor.

    Second hide – on this hide I had to convince him that we were searching a different vehicle before he started. Bryce did a 360 turn before going to source. Any idea why he might have done that?

    Third hide – I started this search from a different angle – more from the side of the vehicle. He figured out pretty quickly it was in the trailer hitch but took him a little while before he alerted. I love his happy dance!

    Fourth hide – Bryce went straight to source and actually knocked the tube off of the vehicle nosing it. I guess I could have stepped in earlier but he wasn’t giving any sign of an alert at that point other than maybe staying on source. So I chose to wait to see if he would alert.

    Fifth hide – on this last hide I let him have more lead and leeway to do more searching. I actually liked that he searched all of the front of the vehicle before landing on source. Bryce has very limited vehicle practice and many times doesn’t understand what his job is with vehicles. So to my eyes, these threshold searches has helped him learn a little more about how to search a vehicle.