Stefanie Alexander

Lesson #2 Thresholds–Interiors:

After reviewing this merging of four hides, I see that I’m too concerned that the video is up and running and not focusing on a positive start with my dog. I usually position her to my side (in my mind it is the left side, but I see here that I switch–I have trouble with left and right truthfully–lol!), wait for her to look at me, and say, “Prim, seek.” Here, though, I’m pre-occupied with the video and whether it is recording or not. I chose to do this exercise off leash.

Hide #1: Start line in hallway into a large living room space; this low hide is on the right in the basket.
Hide #2: Start line in hallway into a small guest bedroom; this medium height hide is in a drawer. I can tell Prim is in odor due to her nubbins wagging more rhythmically.
Hide #3 This is in the master guest bedroom behind the door. She almost makes a U-turn to exit the room, and then traces the odor from the bed to the door knob area. More wagging. I am trying to be careful to not get in her way.
Hide #4: Right after #3 in an adjacent bathroom to this bedroom. She is ready to go, but I’m not. This is a tight space and I hold back too long–I wait for her to alert, and she is locating me behind her. Too delayed with pay on my part.

What do you see?