Kimberly Buchanan

Wow! Molly looks SO GOOD in these searches! I really think the training you’ve been doing is reinforcing her interest and desire to get to that source! I also appreciate that you paid her when you did with the inaccessible. You risk her giving up had you waited much longer.

The challenges I see for these searches:

Search #1:
* Environment! Windy, windy day!
* Large and unique vehicles
* Hide placement – elevated hide that contributed to how it moved

Search #2:
* Environment: Small space
* Environment: Crowded space
* Environment: Gravel floor (more of a challenge w/a ground hide)
* Inaccessible hide
* Open door (likely taking odor UP)

Search #3:
* Environment: large cavernous space
* Environment: Open on one end so outside air could move odor around
* Distractions: Game bags, fish, etc.
* Two hides
* Threshold hide

So as I’ve mentioned to others, the environment can add more than just one challenge! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training