Kimberly Buchanan

Ok, a few things to note in this search and I hope it helps when you set up practices in the future;

The challenges you selected were good ones and appropriate for his level of training. However, I think you do need to really consider that the difficulty rises with each hide placed. You could have achieved the same challenges with 3 or even 2 hides. Also, the elevated hide above the grill of the vehicle had to have blown thru the grill and thru the wheel wells (take a look to see where it opens into and flows out of) so it was a really hard hide for Taku to find. I would suggest making things much easier. IF you wanted to do 4 hides, maybe put the search in a less distracting environment? Or if you want to do the grill hide, make that the only hide.

I’m so glad you caught yourself and realized the mistake with the first hide Taku actually found at (:15). What a good boy! I think when these things happens it just adds to his confusion. He was being very honest and so far I’ve only seen him be honest and tell you where he’s detecting odor. I have to wonder with the scratch on the ground if there wasn’t a dropped cotton swab or tube?? So anyhow, pay attention to what he’s telling you. 🙂

The other thing that is very important is that it was obvious to me that you were allowing Taku to search the vehicles where you knew the hides were. Some points in the video where this was very clear: (:27, 1:40, 3:25?, 3:53, 4:02) where you influenced where he was to search. Sometimes that’s necessary and good but there was a good portion of both vehicles that were never searched. When he wanted to go somewhere I would recommend you support and go with him rather than try to limit where he goes, as long as he’s still checking the vehicles.

Taku was a very good boy! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training