Linda Bath

Finally found a videographer! Whoops, should have watched the other videos first. Looks like I made the same mistake Gina made. It was fun and educational.

I have to say before I started classes from you last winter; I didn’t ever have a plan in place when we did a search. Barely considered wind, temperature, etc. With that said, This first lesson has three separate goals. All were done back to back. The temperature was 28degrees with incredible wind.
First search I used three vehicles and a boat. The hide was at the far end of the search area on the boat trailer. The wind was blowing towards the start line. I wanted to see:
1. Would Molly pick up the odor at the start line and follow it to source?
2. Would the wind cause pooling odor and would Molly work through that?
Molly had her nose up and sniffing before the video started rolling. She started working immediately. Followed the odor around the first truck, around the front of the car, over to the tongue of the boat. Here she checked to see which side, then followed it up the trailer. On odor the whole way and alerted at source.
I had expected her to not go around the truck like she did as I thought she had the odor from the start. After watching the video, Molly did have odor from the start, but the wind direction blew it the direction she went. I think this was a successful search.
Search two was in a small, crowded greenhouse. I chose to put the hide in the wheelbarrow to make it inaccessible, and hard to get to. I also thought the odor would pool in the wheelbarrow as to it’s shape. I wanted Molly to go into the greenhouse while I stayed outside of the area to let her search. I wanted to see if she would maneuver around the crowded area without problem. Molly entered without hesitation. Worked the room on odor the whole time. Her nose was going strong. She was able to turn around and bracket the odor to source. I liked how she checked the planters and then lifted her nose to catch where the odor was. Molly was sure it was in the wheelbarrow, but checked one last time on the lawnmower. Then back to source. In a trial where I wouldn’t have known where the odor was I may have waited longer to reward, but wanted to get in there quick the second time.
Third search is a three sided area in front of the garage. Wind is still howling, but coming from the back side of the area, so it is protected. There are many items stored here that could be distractions. Hunting game bags that had just had a goat in them. (Clean, but I know the dogs can still smell odor) A fish smoker that had a pan at the bottom. I chose to put a hide in the pan due to the odor of the game bags close, and the fish smell from the smoker. So one hide at the bottom of the door on the right. Fish smoker at the back of the room on the left.
I was hoping:
1. Molly would catch odor at the start line (door odor)
2. The distractions wouldn’t throw her off.
Molly did catch odor, but it was the one on the smoker. She went straight to it, then veered right and came back around the other side to the door. Caught it on the outside of the building and followed it back. Alert. She then returned to the smoker area, small interest in game bags then to source and alert.
Successful in that the distractions did not throw her off. I do think I should have started her closer to the start line, which would have given her a better chance of catching the door odor.