No worries, Terry! 🙂

We do so much of our work thru the FORUMS and if you’ve not taken an actual COURSE for awhile it can be confusing.

The FORUMS and COURSES are in separate locations. You can access either/both of them thru your MY ACCOUNT information. Go to the FORUMS for discussion in the CLASSROOM or your private GOLD thread.

With the COURSE I have posted lessons that you will complete and post to your GOLD thread. These lessons must be completed in order (you don’t get access to read the next lesson until one is marked complete.) Lessons are seen when you go to the COURSE PAGE at https://joyridek9.education/courses/nw525-back-to-basics-k9nw/. Look below (and to the right) to see what lessons are up. They are numbered 525.1, 525.2, etc.

Lesson 1 – I want YOU to design a lesson with 3 challenges. Tell us what those challenges are and what you expect to see. Run your dog and let’s see how those challenges worked. I wanted to give a baseline here because I think it’s important to see what people are doing to practice on their own with very little direction. This helps me to help you set up things for your dog when you’re on your own.

Lesson 2 – I’ve asked you to set up a series of threshold searches and I’ve given a bit of direction there. Don’t worry about this one yet, just work on Lesson 1. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training