Stefanie Alexander

All About That Bass

For this search, I chose three challenges for Team Prim: blind hides (number and location); distractors (outside in our driveway where there is adjacent yard and scrub foliage. Prim has had focus issues due to the wildlife in the area: arctic hares and moose); and vehicles, an element that Prim is slow to engage.

Overall, I think this video represents where we are right now. Prim is getting back to work, but is easily distracted if she is “pulled” away by a stronger stimulus such as a wildlife smell or even a floatplane noise.

To begin, unbeknownst to me, she does blow by the first hide on the gas cap of the blue vehicle, instead going to the grill where she gives a beautiful alert. I want to treat faster as a goal, and I do this pretty quickly. Next, she begins to go to the black vehicle, but then ends up wanting to track into the thickets. My body posture stiffens as I reel her in; this is something I need to work on as I don’t want to send negativity down the line. I re-cue her and she does alert on the bumper area. In hindsight, I need to treat faster to avoid the batting and potentially scratching of a vehicle. We then head around the black vehicle and there are some technical problems with the camera which we edited out. Again, Prim seems a bit lackluster and I re-cue and she does a nice (and surprising to me elevated) alert on the gas cap. By her eye expression, I can tell she’s done and I correctly call “finish” as the video stops. This was gutsy as we didn’t check one side of the blue vehicle and I need to be thorough and not take such silly and unnecessary risks.

Overall, I would like to work on body posture, rewarding faster, and leash length. It seems in real time that the length is appropriate, but when viewing the video, it looks short. What do you see?