Susanne Howarth

This is an interesting — and perhaps eye-opening — topic for me, because one of the times and places where I try to do a bit of nose work practice with my girls is at the park where we have our agility classes, immediately following our agility class. It gets us away from home to do some practice, and I always account for (i.e., put away) all of my hides after we’re done. Also, while we place hides on the park’s picnic tables and fencing and things like that, we do NOT place it on any of the agility equipment, so no particular risk of distracting agility runs.

Also, at least for now, I seem to be the only club member who is at the park on Thursdays and who does nose work, so not currently likely to create issues for other folks who are there for agility or obedience classes and whose dogs “stumble” across our hides. Although I leave my girls crated in the same location as we are for our agility class, I set the hides a ways away — both away from our crating area and the class ring and other dogs. And pretty much all of the other club members and/or instructors who are there attending/teaching classes have seen us working and know what we’re doing.

So, is what we’re doing OK to your way of thinking? Or are there things we should do differently? Or not do at all? It’s been working well for us, from a training perspective, but I don’t want to be messing anyone else up!