Kathryn Dobyns

I tend to set up problems that reflect an issue we have had (cold box next to a hot bag), or a problem I have seen in a trial or seminar that I am not sure Hunter has seen before (odor on the bottom of the tall bag). He does often skip containers when he is chasing odor, which is one reason I try to get him back around the search area a second time (and the circle is easy for me to keep track of!), but if I keep him in too long, he starts to range out or check containers and look at me, which I know in practice means he is trying to figure out why we are still here. I added the extra odor in the second search to see if that would change his search behavior at all, and he sure was willing to stick on that box?! Interesting on the distractor that he notices it (I think the banana smell) but keeps going then head checks backing the odor drifting that way, checks the distractor more intently on his way back to the tall bag. I think I have built up the obedience to odor part…