Susanne Howarth

The second hide definitely was in a black bag — NOT a white box. So yes, the diagram has to be wrong.

Interesting observation regarding where Biscuit searched, even though I was outside the perimeter. You’re right that she checked the inside. Still, had we completed a second circle of all cases, I think she might have found that one — SHE might have deviated and checked the other side coming back around!

As for the false alert, I almost feel like I “sold” her on it, by standing still, with feet pointing at it, at 1:24, when she was investigating the piece of luggage at our start line. Even if she hadn’t alerted on the white box (and yes, she was very definite about staying there — must have been drifting odor), I’m not sure if we would have made it all the way back around to the hide we missed, since we only had a total of 2:00 and we were already at 1:30 when we falsed. Bad luck in terms of where we started our circle… Or should my initial circle have been even more deliberate, including ensuring that she checked both sides of each container?