Linda Bath

This search is actually embarrassing; but I learned a lot and want to share it.
Vehicle search. One hide. Of course I did not know that. It was on the hitch of the first vehicle as we entered from the start line. A lot of wind circling and blowing from the start to the back. Pooling in the furthest back cars. As you can see I totally forgot about the wind and how it affects the search.
Molly goes in up the side of the vehicle with the odor, turns, follows it back and alerts. Yeah! We continue to search, but Molly is not doing her normal nose to the car routine. Instead she is just walking beside me. Around the cars. Watch her tail. Possible scent trail. Now she is on the car and acting as if there is scent. (Wind Linda Wind)
Molly is acting like she is on odor and I am buying into it. In fact, we waste the rest of the search there. When Molly tells me, “No, nothing here” I ASK her to look again! Then when they cal 30 seconds I don’t call finish.
From this:
Work more searches with wind so both of us can be sure of what is odor pooling versus source.
Be careful not to work odor that is too old. May cause fringing.
Trust your dog. If she decides nothing is there, nothing is there.
Call finish every time when you hear 30 seconds.
Kim can you tell by Molly’s body language she is only working odor?