Susanne Howarth

OK. Here’s our second video, also from last weekend’s NW3 trial. This time, it’s from our container search, which was the last one of the day. By this time, it was hot out and we were both tired. The video starts with an image of the Element Summary page, however, I think that the drawing incorrectly identifies the hide we missed: according to the diagram, the hide we missed is two bags away from the one we found. However, that would put it in a white box, and it was actually in a black bag with an “X” on it. I’m pretty sure that means it’s the black bag at the front of the search area. Note that there were no distracters for this search.

The good thing about how we approached this search is that I had what I still consider to be a reasonable game plan: to circle the tree going first clockwise, with me walking outside of the circle of containers. Then, after going one container past where we started, I intended to reverse directions and place myself in the center of the circle, in hopes of getting Biscuit to check the other side of the containers as we went counterclockwise around the area.

Unfortunately, our turning point was just before the hide that we missed, and we never got back around to it. Instead, Biscuit gave me what I took for an alert, and we were done for the day!