Linda Bath

Next video. We are on exterior in Ninilchik. One hide. Front right corner of building , to left of start. Lots of wind blowing toward the other building to the right of the start line.
Molly spent a lot of crittering at the back right corner. We also went around building with more crittereing. You can’t see it.
Molly isn’t that much into the search. She appears very distracted. Not sure what she is picking up on the the wind.
I feel she is on odor at the corner, but she doesn’t commit. Moves off, then over to the far building. Decides to go back to the corner where the hide is and alerts.
Call 30 sec..I call finish.
Not sure what I could do to help her with this search. I recognized the crittering and asked to her to search again.
From what I can see, we need to practice a lot more!
As always I look forward to your comments.