Kimberly Buchanan

Gina – I’ve watched this several times and I apologize it’s taken me so long to review!

I actually don’t think you “jumped the gun” on rewarding Kalli for the first find! I think your timing was pretty good. Funny how we think we’re early. I love that she quickly zero’ed in on that first find from the wall to the left and had a distinct change of behavior when she got to the hide. 🙂

On the second search, smart girl goes back to the previous success but quickly realizes that the hide is not there and continues to search.Had she turned right instead of left I know she’d have solved that problem quickly, as well. Important to note, for you, that just because she’s been in “an area” doesn’t necessarily mean she’s covered it. Once she did get to it she gave you a nice indication “Ok, come pay me now!” 🙂

Really interesting 3rd search! You can see how the odor is moving “UP,” maybe pushed towards the walls, up and dropping. But something about the stream of air catches Kalli and she quickly realizes the hide is on the ground. We don’t see the leaves moving so the airflow must be very different within the walls of your driveway vs outside of them. If you have smoke matches or a way to “see” the air movement it would be really interesting. Fun!

Thanks for much for sharing these searches! Kalli looks really good and I keep seeing improvements with both of you! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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