Carolyn Murray

I think Scout is an amazing little dog, despite being a white shepherd. 😉 I DO have to keep reminding myself that she’s only going to be three in a few weeks and she’s not a completely mature dog. Yep, she does a nice job and is very forgiving of me.

I think that I am exhausted! Lol! All three of us (Cooper included) have worked very hard the last 6 weeks and we have learned SOOOO very much! Thank you! I might have set a record with the amount of videos I recorded this session. It’s been awesome watching all the other teams. The only downside is sometimes I just don’t have enough hours in the day to absorb all of this. 🙂

If we have time to do anything, I think I might try a vehicle search or some exterior searches – all single hide. I feel strongly that Scout has really earned some downtime and we’ll just set some fun, simple hides as I have time either tonight or tomorrow night. Either way, I will check in again.