Linda Bath

Surprisingly, not titling doesn’t really bother me. Well, maybe a little bit, but I love the journey. I learn so much every time I volunteer, go to trial, meet new people that love the sport. That is all good.
Back to business.
This search was done in the garage. Possible air current from under the garage door. 65 degrees. Hides sat for 15 minutes. Anise and Birch. Clean containers, new swabs, and Molly has her harness on. Smile.
First hide is paired. One to the right of the entrance in a box, slightly elevated. Second hide is across the room on the tool box, nose level.
I hold Molly at the door. Runs almost direct to the tool box. Alert. Molly then makes a sweep of the room. Comes back to the table (catching pooling odor) and returns to toolbox. I reque her. (Should I wait her out?) Another sweep and finds hide. Yeah!

Next search I move the box hide closer to the door on the fridge door. Second hide is on the ladder step. Both at nose level. Unpaired.
I hold Molly again. She runs past the fridge, making a sweep of the room and rechecking where the hides were. At 1:53 looks towards fridge, but catches odor on the ladder. Alert. Continues to search following the pooling odor and comes back to the ladder. At 2:17 I reQued her (should I have waited? Lured her away?) remove odor and Molly goes on another sweep of the room. She spends a lot of time in the alcove across from the fridge odor. Assuming this is where that odor is pooling as well as in the shelving unit behind and around the ladder. While Molly is in Alcove I move to block her from returning to the ladder and she does find the fridge hide, after a confused look at me.
The clatter you hear when she is out of the camera’s sight is her pawing in frustration at a box. Molly doesn’t give up though and continues to search.
If I read this right: Lots of pooling odor created from the open door we entered from and from under the garage door. Lots of things in the room to catch the odor. I believe from watching this video, Molly would have learned more from me not requing her, but letting Molly decide to move on. As I want her to trust herself and figure it out on her own. I realize I need to also guide her, but maybe not rush her.
Very glad to see her be happy throughout the search (tail up and wagging), and as you said she is willing to stick to it and not give up.