Sarah Sorlien

    Yikes, I see a turned back on this one too when I finished the first full search. We had a bad start, started over, then I stumbled in the middle of the search. Anyway, there were things I like.

    I like how well she works on a short leash. I am sure she is checking each one. I kept the first one in, because she wasn’t quite on the same page with me for that one. We stopped and started over. Also I accidentally included a low value distractor (tennis Ball) and I got to see her reaction to it. I noticed her reaction during the search, but I only figured out the tennis ball was in there when I went to break down all the boxes.

    I like that she scratches when she has found them all. It sure seems like that is what she does at least, though she also does it when she has a complicated problem.

    These weren’t paired, and she was persistent at the source, and I liked that. The tennis ball box and one other she hesitated on, but didn’t persist. Again I knew where the hides were, so maybe I would call those in a competition.

    I need to work on having two left feet.