Sarah Woodruff

Hi I’m back! Have not had a whole lot of time to video but we have been practicing. This isn’t exactly the next assignment, but it was a fun exercise I did with classes and was able to have the opportunity to run Angie. 5 hides, exercise was find as many as you can and tell me when you are done. What was fascinating about running this with multiple classes on different days was how the air temp and humidity dictated how the dogs searched. Hot days they went right, cooler days they went left. all dogs in the same class went in the same direction.

All hides were accessible.
Hide 1 – birch on the chair
Hide 2 anise on the dolly with the stacked tables
Hide 3 birch on metal shelf against the far wall
hide 4 birch on wheel of display case next to HAY
Hide 5 clove under base of popcorn machine

I should have time to work on the actual assignment this weekend. I like the idea of shifting the hides to see if she is working her nose or working off memory.