Carolyn Murray


* Set 20 boxes in the barn around 12:20
* Three hot boxes including one on a corner
* Very nice 75 degree day
* Winds 0 to 7 mph
* Humidity less than 20% and dropping

I arrived at the barn around 2:40 and the side door in the arena was open until I was ready to run Cooper at 3 pm.

The dogs ran twice – first time we walked through the side door (visible) and shut it behind us. Second time we walked through the south end of the barn and entered the arena from a different direction.

I think that I’m crowding her on both runs. I probably should have remained stationary at the start line and only moved out when she decided to move on. I don’t necessarily need to be moving along with her. I need to hang back more.

I think there was quite a bit of odor moving around that room after having the side door open – particularly from the corner hide.

Scout has a new trick of standing on the boxes. Apparently she’s offering some heeling exercises now. Interesting.

Overall I wouldn’t say this was a particularly good practice. The containers searches didn’t feel very “smooth”. We did a couple searches afterwards (one in an aisle and one in an adjacent barn). The “charge into the search area and thru it” behavior resurfaced. The first time she was off leash (success!) and the second time she was on leash (denied!) so I need to be careful when she is allowed to be loose in the barn. Obviously it’s a behavior practiced in the barn and then applied equally to all searches. 🙁