Kathryn Dobyns

    Here is our bleacher search from this afternoon. It is about 3 pm, about 95 degrees and thankfully a pretty stiff breeze. This was the last search of our practice, so he had already worked 2 other exteriors and some containers in the previous hour. Considering the heat, I am pretty pleased with how this one went! There are 2 hides (which I think were both clove) that had been set for about 45 minutes. The low hide actually fell off the bench and was on the ground (cheap masking tape…), and once he gets into search mode, he narrows that one down quickly. I then guide him a little to get him moving around the bleachers and on the far side He puts his front feet up on the riser but I don’t let him go any farther. He returns to the ground with all 4 paws, continues around the corner and works out the high hide – placed very much like yesterday’s search. Happy very hot dog and very hot handler! At least all the previous searches were consciously placed in the shade!