Kimberly Buchanan

I think Biscuit does start looking UP when there are no hides or no more hides. It’s a common thing; dog is trying to reach the next plane to see if they can catch the edge of a scent cone “up there.” She also went back to hides more. And she seems less enthusiastic when there are no more hides. Granted, she did leave the room on the first search before finding all the hides but she ranged out quite a bit when she couldn’t find any (more) hides so something you want to look at.

Your observations were really good with all the searches. I think you should start looking at something similar but from a different angle. Here are some options:

* 1 hide, 2 hides, 3 hides – inside and paired – so you’re building on each search rather than reducing the hides
* 1 hide, 2 hides, 3 hides – outside and paired – same as above but with the added distractions of an exterior
* Multiple hide search – paired but on-leash
* Multiple hide search – not paired and off-leash
* Any of the above beginning with NO hides

SO many ways we could go! What tickles your fancy? Anything in particular you think will flesh out some of your observations?

Kimberly Buchanan
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