Linda Bath

Hi Kim. Finally back from Sitka and found a videographer. You will see Molly did very well with distraction of a four year old and that she minds much better than he does. Smile.
Eight hides in a yard used by three dogs and children. I used toys strewn throughout the yard. The wind was gently blowing towards the start line. There is a house on one side and bushes opposite of the wall. A car is just past where I set up the start line. The hides are clove, anise, and birch. Did not check to see what odor was at what hide.
One at the start on the child’s bike middle of the handle bars. (Did not see dog poop was on the tire. Till the end.)
One is under the corner of the skateboard.
One hide in a planter against the wall.
One under the three wheeler, about the middle of the yard.
One at the left corner in the hollow of the tree.
Opposite corner a hide in the grass.
One is against the bushes nestled under the water pipe. Left side closer to the start.
Total of seven hides.

Molly heads out enthusiastically to skateboard hide. Then moves to the right towards house. Past planter, catches odor and alerts on hide in planter. Heads up towards right corner turns towards 3wheeler but catches odor on tree. Molly does a nice job working out how to get to it and where it was. Molly then heads towards far corner against house. She is standing on hide while sniffing plastic bottle with fish juice in it. Decides to move on returns to tree, then moves down the bushes to hide on water pipe. Molly then starts crittering at bushes, she decides to move on but I think she was still crittering until she caught odor again. (Whew!) She lifts her nose and goes back to corner hide. Alert. Then to 3wheeler. Alert. Has some problems from bike, but works through the dog poop on tire and alerts right at 3min. This is huge for her as she is one who hates to walk or be near dog poop.

I think she did a nice job making decisions to move on and look for more. After watching this video I believe I need to go back to a longer leash. I found that I pulled her, just from not being fast enough for her. Kim, Molly looks relaxed and is having fun again. Nice.
What should we do next? Ok just read the directions again(should have reviewed) will redo lesson tomorrow.