Kimberly Buchanan

I would consider that “red bandana.” This should not be stigmatized, which is why we have our “rules” and EVERYONE should be keeping their dogs from approaching too closely. Having been a longtime agility person and now so entrenched in NW it is appalling how lax people are in this regard! It’s often a reactivity that is just saying hey, I don’t like you coming so close. And then people get mad at the dog for expressing this. Anyhow, I hope the workshop goes well! And FWIW, not all dogs need to have dog “friends.” Sometimes tolerance is enough. 😉

Now, regarding the “grid” type of pattern; What I’ve done is work my way around a search area and limit how far my dog gets to go as we search the perimeter. So maybe they’re a pod of chairs nearby with odor that is drifting to the perimeter. I need to decide whether to let him investigate it. Then I need to remember to go back to where we left off. So grids/quadrants is a good idea if this is how your mind thinks. My initial thought was to work perimeter like a vehicle on a short leash (without middle room hides to confuse). But I would suggest trying it like a grid to see if that works for you. I would NOT use containers this time, but either Interior or Exterior.

Kimberly Buchanan
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