Sarah Sorlien

I did like the systematic approach. I felt like we checked everything, and that I was right to let her cross back over to get the missed one.

I knew the one she had missed (and she did too, I think, but didn’t realize who was leading at first.) I had a plan in my head to go around the perimeter because I mis read the original instructions. I think I would do more of up and down the aisles systematically in a container search.

In an interior or exterior, should I think of it like a grid? I think if I can divide it into 4-9 areas I can keep track of those.

By the way, we are going to an obedience type workshop this weekend. Though she has her CGC, she does sometimes lunge at other dogs at trial – not red bandana, but maybe a pink one. She also barks at them when crated in the car on occasion. We are going to work on these and also the troubling behavior of bad greeting where she grabs the person’s arm (softly) in her mouth. The grandkids especially hate that behavior and keep asking me when she is going to school to learn how to be less excited.

I want to work on all the elements that make her happy to go to compete and make this fun for her, if that makes sense.