Susanne Howarth

This was an interesting exercise, in particular what intrigued me was the difficulty Biscuit had with the final one-hide search! It was almost as if, after having been assigned so many searches with 5 to 10 hides, only having one source confused her? Just to give you a frame of reference, it took her 2:00 to find all three hides in the first search; then 1:21 to find two hides; but it took 2:33 to find the single hide! And no, I don’t think that the last one was particularly more difficult than the others, and all were paired.

In any case, unless you tell me otherwise, I’m not going to post our first attempt at this exercise, since the three searches combined are more than 9 minutes long, even if I cut out some of the extra seconds! Also, the room I used for the search proved to be full of spaces where the camera just couldn’t catch the action, so there’s a good bit of Biscuit being out of camera shot… Oh well! I have an idea for a room that will perhaps be simpler that I can use tomorrow when we repeat this exercise.

Of course, the objective was to observe what happens once she has found all the hides if I continue to ask her to search. My observation at this point is that she slows her pace and checks in with me more. I think that little tail of hers isn’t quite as active, and while I can still hear some sniffing going on, it’s not as enthusiastic as it perhaps was at the start.

In the first two searches, she returned to the first hide she had found, but didn’t necessarily have an expectation of being paid. In the final one, she went to leave the room fairly soon after finding the solo hide. Although I did not see that behavior in either of the first two.

Will try to repeat this one a bit more efficiently tomorrow and will post a video for you at that time – we’ll see if my observations improve and/or change tomorrow!