Kimberly Buchanan

    I went back and looked at the challenges you felt that the two of you had. One of them was knowing when you are “done” searching. I think this is a good opportunity to explore that a bit. After doing lots of multiple hide searches, let’s see what happens when you put together a 3-hide search, a 2-hide search and a 1-hide search (in that order). I think an interior location will be best and you can work it off-leash. Give her a few minutes break between searches. You can pair these hides if you think it will be more motivating for Biscuit and you can use the same search area with slightly shifted hides from one search to the next. After Biscuit finds all the hides in one search you’re going to keep her in the search area as if there is one more hide she’s not found yet. Give it 30 seconds to see what she offers you in her behavior. Does she keep hunting, does she give up, does she go back to previously found hides, etc.? In THIS exercise you’re not going to pay her again BUT I’d like you to have a hide not available from this search but not too far so Biscuit can have one final success after this little bit of pressure. It can be a container or another interior hide but make it the same “recovery” hide from search to search.

    Kimberly Buchanan
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