Kimberly Buchanan

I think I would like to see one more round like this with paired hides but let’s see how Hunter works the problems with you closer. As I mentioned, it’s great that he is willing to work so far from you but I think there is a little bit of connection lost and I wonder if you go in a bit closer, the body pressure (push/pull) might keep him detailing an area rather than leaving it as we see him do in this video. Sure, he finds the hides but he doesn’t stay on the perimeter but leaves and comes back. I think if Hunter is encouraged to stay with detailing an area he will become more efficient.

Two ways to do this – work it like a vehicle to use the leash and/or body pressure to keep the dog working an area or just standing by the hide previously found and working it off-leash. I think I would like to try the latter and still give him some independence. Once Hunter gets to a paired hide you will go in to pat/praise and encourage him to find more. You stay at the hide he just found and he chooses which way to go from there. Once he gets to the next hide you’ll move in to pat/praise and repeat. I’m predicting he won’t range out quite so far.

I would change the configuration a little bit from what you have here tho’ you could use the same search area for this second round.

Kimberly Buchanan
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