Kathryn Dobyns

Here is the first round of deep hides in the garage. The hides had cooked about 1 hour and the temp is about 75 degrees. There is very little air movement. The space is small, so I placed the hides fairly close together to keep them all in the video frame. There are 4 hides – 1.) clove on the left side next to the gardening table, 2.) anise elevated on the brown bookcase, 3.) birch on the floor between the blue tob and the garden tool rack and clove on the floor at the right corner. I paired all the hides and mostly stayed out of the way – the one spot where I moved a bit was because I was trying to figure out what he had stuck to his snout after finding the anise hide… I am pretty happy with how he worked this one by himself – niches are not as deep as in the basement, but he still had to work a bit for most of these.

Should I repeat this type of search without pairing next? Same hide locations or mix it up a bit?