Kimberly Buchanan

    Yes, it IS different than following the dog. This works great when either (a) there’s only one hide or (b) your dog is really good at working multiple hides. This is just one thing to try since you mentioned you have a hard time visualizing. I’m not saying this is how you should do it but I would experiment to see if it works and how it feels. Essentially you set hides initially only around the perimeter of a search area. Space them out so they’re 5-6 feet apart. Work it like a vehicle. Keep a shorter leash *if you need to* in order to keep her focused on the hides in a sequence. This works well indoors with little air current blowing things around.

    You could also practice visualization exercises but that’s not my expertise.

    Try it a few times to see how it feels. Video and merge if it’s not too long or post the first video so we can see how it works for you. It’s not necessarily about speed but keeping on task. So the challenges won’t be too difficult. You can choose to pair or not but the hides should be relatively simple. 🙂

    And FWIW, you can let Lily choose the initial direction but work perimeter in this exercise, either clockwise or counter clockwise.

    Kimberly Buchanan
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