Sarah Sorlien

    I am not sure about the stamina issue – I kind of think she is a little lazy and maybe not in as good physical condition as she could be. She is so funny in the evenings – she lies down on her side and my husband has to drag her by the collar along the floor – she won’t even lift up her head – to send her out to potty. On the other hand, if I squeak a squeaker, she jumps up like a rocket. Funny girl.
    (PS I am a little lazy and not in as good physical condition as I could be, so I may be projecting…)

    She is very fast and eager when we are doing tricks – and she knows a lot of them. Now she is eager for the searches again. Today while the kids were setting the hides, she knew what was up and she followed me all around the house like velcro until we went out to search. When we went to classes, though she was a little more reserved. One lady suggested she might be hypothyroid…. Then when I tried doing some tricks with her before she went to search at Ron Gaunt’s seminar, she perked right up and approached it with much more alacrity.

    That made me think it was a confidence issue. That sort of comes around to your observation of frustration and giving up. The dinner game and lots of easy quick searches seemed to help.

    We are headed up to my work in the mountains tomorrow. I don’t have anyone there to set hides for me, but I think I can do a patterned search in the back yard with containers.

    I think it would work best for me if I used a pattern that was pretty similar every time. That is sort of different from the idea I was taught to follow the dog’s choice of direction to start. How do you do it?