Kimberly Buchanan

Very nice! Good job moving Dreamer on from one hide to the next! And look, 6 hides in just over 2 minutes! 🙂

So this is a good plan, I think. Your leash pressure after the first hide (we see) and verbal “let’s go” was good and it got better as each hide was found. I recommend keeping him on leash for the next few searches and when he starts to move on WITHOUT any pressure then you can go back to off-leash and just use your verbals. This will be a process and you may need to go back to the leash if he then keeps going back to other hides but I think this will work well.

The ideal picture: Dreamer works away from you, finds a hide, you go in and pay, Dreamer moves on his own to find the next hide in the direction of his choosing. He will have the ability to go back to previous hides not for repayment but to help him triangulate other hides. Yes, it is possible. 🙂

Let’s have the next search with 5-6 hides, Interior or Exterior but on-leash and see if Dreamer has had learning from this search!

Kimberly Buchanan
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