Kimberly Buchanan

    Oh gosh! I thought I reviewed this already!

    Molly was off to the races in this search! 🙂 Tho’ I was a bit concerned when she slipped in the grass. She looked happy and motivated to keep finding more hides. She did need your encouragement to keep moving tho’ I think when you did *slightly* less encouragement she didn’t race away and was more focused.

    Note the head-turn at (1:37) as she passed the Adirondack chair, she noticed something there while headed back to the wood pile. 🙂

    Molly was pretty focused for most of the search. She found 5 hides, I think? out of the 7 out there. The two she missed was the one you mentioned accidentally blocking and the rake which was near the beginning of the search.

    I’m inclined to add you back into the picture again. I’d like to try another multiple hide search, outside, paired sourceable hides. This time you’ll work her ON-leash and let’s see what happens when you walk thru the search only once. So, for example, if this were your search, as Molly headed to the wood pile at the close right portion where the hide was, start there and make your way thru the search counter clockwise without going back to the wood pile. If she misses a hide, she misses a hide. What we want to see is whether she can be more efficient on-leash instead of boinging around back and forth when she’s off-leash. I LIKE her enthusiasm, and she seems really happy to be outside, so I don’t want to diminish it but try to get her a bit more studious as she goes by an area. 🙂

    Videotape the search. Then what you will do is remove her from the search area to give her a small break, then bring her back and work the search area the opposite direction with the same hides (re-pair the ones she already got). For this type of search area, I’d expect each search to be around 2 minutes. You’re going to keep a decent pace, neither too fast or slow, making sure to keep her working the whole time. And let’s see what happens!

    Kimberly Buchanan
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