Carolyn Murray

Scout and I have run this exercise a couple more times without filming. I also rearranged the basement so it’s more open. The flip camera on a tripod still can’t film the entire search area. Last night I filmed using my cell phone.

* Around 70 degrees in the basement
* Washer was running
* Very windy evening which effects how much air gets sucked up from the gas stove in the corner. In that respect, I think there was a fair amount of air movement going on.
* 7 hides

Scout charged in to search and I think she spent some time sorting through odors before she decided where to go. She comes dangerously close to a couple different hides before hitting the post first. From there she moves back into another room, comes back out, works the couch and heads back to another hide on a shelf. She then continues along the “perimeter” of the area and finds another hide in a corner (which I thought would be hard, but it appears the odor was being pulled back into the bathroom, which is where she found it). She heads back across the room to investigate another “corner” where there is a hide, but she doesn’t find it within the 3 minutes. She hits the hide on the post again and heads back to the chest freezers were she finds another hide. At that point she heads back towards the couches and gives me a fringe alert on the hide in front of the tv. I let her work that area for a while. There was a little candle over the hide – not sure if that caused some confusion, but she did source it twice. From there she checks the posts, revisits the post hide, revisits the hide deep in the corner, then heads back to the folding door to find the threshold hide she missed at the beginning.

Overall, I think Scout understands the game a little more. She is moving on when I cue “more”. I think I’m getting a better feel for where I need to be and when. I found that if I block a hide, I will draw my dogs back into the hide like you wouldn’t believe. It seems best if I kind of move away from the hide and the dog to see where the dog is headed next (if that makes sense).

I think I’m learning that Scout likes to work a perimeter, but she also works off of a lot of stuff in the environment, including previous hides? At one point during this search it was like connect the dots. This has been a great exercise for both of us! A lot of learning going on for dog and handler!! 🙂