Kathryn Dobyns

I reuploaded the part 4 of the above search for you. He finds 3 hides pretty quickly, works a little longer to source the dresser drawer hide and then works the laundry sink corner but never sources the hide – centered under the sink. The closest he comes is at 2:45 where he goes up on the sink. He never puts his nose under the sink. The end of the video is the last bit where I finally moved the hide to between the front legs of the sink and paired it.

As for deep corners, this is a problem for him. When there are only 1 or 2 odors, he does seem to get the corners a little more effectively than with lots of odor present. The other issue with the laundry sink may have been the odor was trapped under the sink – he has had similar trouble in a warehouse search where he needed to get all the way under a shelf to catch the hide. He does not seem to recognize those corners/under shelves or objects spaces as spaces he can/should investigate. He is pretty good at checking under desks/tables/chairs in office and classroom type settings, but the long warehouse shelf presented a different challenge – he worked the aisle, but he just did not go under the shelf – there was plenty of space under there for him, he just never went there until I pressed him into that space.

So, I suspect there will be more corners/niches exercises coming up! My garage is fairly small, but I have plenty of stuff in there to create deep corners/niches and I should be able to do a little work in the clinic lobby next week.