Sarah Woodruff

Large interior search, 9 hides. I wasn’t sure how my video camera would do, so i was also taking video with my phone. So I’m not moving as I would if I were trialing. Actually, I’m not doing much at all. I know you said I could go in a pat and verbally praise, but I’m seeing when I do that she focuses more on me and will stay at a hide rather than move on. So on one hand I know we should work on her being independent so I didn’t do anything but did sometimes praise or say find more, but should I have been patting and praising anyway to kind of desensitize her to that? The video is a little longer, but it is a good example of what we run into. She goes to all areas where the hides are but does not stick to finding the source. You can see she is spinning in converging. After a while of this I did move in closer for her to commit to searching the corners or areas she missed. All were accessible.

grey bucket near door
under a bench/shelf at corner next to bathroom door
in bathroom on a rack
on a red stool
on the second step of the ladder
back left corner on the side of a folder crate
on the beige box coming out of the wall
under a folding chair
on the bottom of a rack on the wall by the front door – you don’t see her find this one because its at the end of the video and it was taking too much time so I edited it out. In order to find it she jumps the ring gates, finds my odor bag, jumps back over the ring gate and then finds the hide – ummm talk about independent hunting???