Susanne Howarth

Actually, having done the exercise twice that morning, and having limited band width here in the north woods, I think I’ll go ahead and post the second one (which is ready to be uploaded) and then will do another vehicle version this morning.

For the second iteration, I used the field stone wall in front of the cottage — lots of nooks and crannies for odor to travel in — plus I put a couple hides other than on the wall: one on the vertical pipe that forms the handrail to the steps to our beach, another in the ground by a tree trunk. Biscuit also had to go on some unusual footing (a few mini logs).

Once again: 10 hides, all paired with meatballs. I liked the way when she found the one on the handrail, she first had to return to the nearest wall hide, then check down the stairs a bit, and finally went back to the railing. Of course, as I was picking the hides up, I realized that she and I both forgot one hide at the threshold! Oh well! Thankfully we won’t have 10 hides to find in competition — until we get our Elite!

And on that topic: we have only about 6 weeks till Biscuit has her first try at NW3: we got into Moorpark!