Linda Bath

Yes Kim, I do see what you are telling me. Molly is enthusiastic and searches very well. I am not getting there fast enough and when I pay it is for looking at me!!!! I love the location and hope to use it again. The next location is also a great search area. Another large garage with nooks and crannies among stuff.
There are eight hides.
The first one is a threshold to the left of the door on the cabinet, bottom left (birch).
On the air boat. Rear left fender (mixed).
On table between couch and chair (cloves).
Back wall table/cabinet, in the middle first shelf (cloves)
In front of free standing table are two brown, big, plastic totes. The one to the right has a (birch) odor on the rim.
On the opposite wall to the door is more cabinets, boxes, stuff. Between the cabinet and the boxes on the floor. (anise)
Next to the air boat is a tracker (4 wheeler on steroids). On the front, driver side, wheel (hub) (birch).
Last hide is on the left garage door on the right side, nose height.

Molly enters the room and immediately veers right. Catches odor (possibly both the hub and threshold) decides to follow back and alert on the threshold. Gets her treat. Expects more. I encourage her to continue searching, which she does. Molly goes past the hub, catches odor and does a nice job bracketing it back. Alert, treat, wait, ask her to move on. Molly makes a beeline to the hide on the brown tote. Alerts. Again I ask her to move on and she does. Goes around the table and back catching a lot of odor on the box. I am thinking that was from the tote.
Molly then goes along the wall catches odor and comes back to alert. Here she starts pawing. I ask her to leave and then step in front of the hide. She then works back and works out the hide on the track. At this point three minutes is up and we stop.
I think Molly did very well continuing to work. Should I have waited for her to move on from the hides on her own, rather than asking her? Do you need to know what the odors are? I don’t think Molly has a problem with any of them.
After a break I let her come in and finish finding the rest of the hides. The garage door took her a little bit of work, but she finally figured it out. Pretty successful lesson for both of us. I think more like this with pairing is a good idea.