Kimberly Buchanan

    Kudos to your videographer! 😀 Great job getting a vehicle search that is easier to view. 🙂

    There are a few things to note in this search;

    I’m guessing you’ve worked a lot with Dreamer to get him to stay at source, yes? This is a good skill but it needs to be balanced with the dog learning to move on from one hide to the next (as you’ve noted).

    Dreamer does a nice job locating the hides. He seems to be working hard and locates them well but as you’ve said, he doesn’t want to leave them without additional rewards. It appears he’s become very conditioned to that routine. A problem that can occur is by you having to move him on from one hide you in a way, direct him where to search next. On vehicles it works fine. In a different search it may inhibit him from going to another nearby odor. He’s also NOT in search mode at that moment and you do need him engaged in searching, ideally from one hide to the next.

    Normally we’d discuss more about the search – and you’re welcome to give me more feedback but I see a direction I’d like to try.

    So for your next assignment I’m going to propose you do something a bit different. Let’s have you find a spot inside your home or secure interior where you can place multiple open boxes with paired hides relatively close to each other – figure 6-8 boxes placed 3-4′ apart. Let’s use Anise AND Birch this time. Place a chair at one side and have a seat. Dreamer will be off leash. Since each container will be paired, you will let Dreamer self-reward and you can verbally indicate for him to continue searching but STAY SEATED. You will have to wait him out and I’m betting he *WILL* move on, once he understands you’re not going to re-pay him at the hide he just got.

    NOW, if he does happen to keep searching and goes BACK to a previous hide, go ahead and pay him. Then you’ll go back to your seat without luring/helping him move onto the next one.

    This search may take him awhile to figure out the game. Let’s see what he does in 3 minutes. IF he’s working ON HIS OWN you’ll keep going until he finds all the hides or at least the majority of them. Be patient and wait him out! 🙂

    p.s. I’m not sure why your video link didn’t pop up in your post, it looked like you did it correctly. Be sure to not “add link,” just paste the link in the body of the text and it will open a window into the video. I edited it so it did. 🙂

    Kimberly Buchanan
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