Kathryn Dobyns

Okay, here is lesson 1:

Setup in my basement, not a lot of air flow and probably about 70 – 75 degrees. The cold containers were set out overnight and odor containers added at 6:15 am. There is a mixed clove/anise at the threshold, birch in the egg carton on the right, birch in the black briefcase in the middle, clove in the far corner by the laundry sink and anise in the deep corner at the top left (where the bike used to be). I loaded all the hides with multiple small pieces of food and gave Cas (cat) some chicken on top of the storage containers. I forgot to lock up the old man cat, so he gets in on the game a bit, too. I ran this twice – the first time at 9:45 am (3.5 hours of cooking) and the second time at 1:15 pm (7 hrs of cooking). I stayed mostly out of the way and really did not need to do anything – Hunter moved through the area and from hide to hide pretty well.

On the first run, he gets the threshold then moves through the center of the search area – at 20 seconds he almost bypasses the hide by the laundry sink but catches it just before he starts to miss that corner. At 33 seconds you will see Spock saunter up to the egg carton and start enjoying chicken. I moved over there just in case there were to be an altercation… Hunter comes back thru the center, finds the briefcase at :37, checks more blanks and returns to the threshold. At 1:00 he finds the egg carton and finishes off what the cat was eating (no altercation?). Then he returns to the briefcase and the laundry sink hides but leaves both of those quickly. He finally works the far edge of the search area and is drawn into the final corner hide at 1:28. I think the only container he never checked was the shoebox on the near right side.

On the second run he finds all the hides within 30 seconds. I did let him continue searching for another minute – not sure if you wanted that or not, but he did not really want to leave the search after all the chicken bonanza out there! He finally checks the shoebox at 2:15. He certainly looked happy with this exercise!