Carolyn Murray

Here’s our first assignment and the details:
* Filmed in my basement around 8:30 pm tonight.
* Probably 65 degrees down there – no significant airflow.
* 6 hides aged no more than 10 minutes at the very most.
* 3 hides were on metal, glass or plastic – the other three involved fabric.
* All spaced a little more than 5 feet apart
* I’ve highlighted all the hides – keep in mind it’s approximate
* I am very tired tonight (Mondays are long days) and probably should have had more food in my hand. I didn’t expect her to be so persistent on hides as she’s still often prone to drive-by’s.

My thoughts – I think she really caught on to the game around the 2 minute mark. She also started to get really pushy around then. She left the search area a couple times because she’s used to searching the entire basement, but readily came back into the area when asked. I also told her to “Go, go, go” at one point which caused her some confusion.

I was bumbling with treats a bit and my reaction time could have been faster. I had to resort to body blocking a bit as she was really sticking to hides – more so than I’ve seen in a while.

I’d like to try this again, but in the garage and see how that goes. I’m out of the barn due to the county fair, so the house, the garage, and the shed are all options.